I for one, never thought this reusable sack thing was going to stay with us. Kind of like, right after 9-11 everyone was flying the American flag and now except for government buildings and banks you rarely see one.

I know how many landfills are over stuffed with plastic wares and how we must think about the earth and keeping her clean. I get it, but I also know that most plastic is recyclable and most plastic bags are made from other throw away plastic.

So, some marketing guru high in an office over looking ....Madison Ave.... came up with the idea of making store specific reusable sacks, each costing a dollar adding revenue to the bottom line. They knew that if enough people bought them it would also reduce the operational cost for the store.

I’m sure that Son of a Bitch took a Lear Jet down to the ....Bahamas.... and is sipping Pina-colada’s laughing his or her ass off right now.

So fine, we fell for it—Thanks Al Gore, spank me—may I have another.

All these bleeding heart liberals ran out and purchased reusable sacks from their favorites stores. When they’re on line they proudly pull them out – “No need to ask paper or plastic I have my reusable sacks!”

Of course, the worst scenario is having a husband and wife that shop at different stores. Now they acquire a collection of these reusable sacks. Yippee! So now when they load up for the week and have a full cart of groceries, they whip out their brightly colored—“I care for the environment and we’re trying to fight Global warming—multi-labeled sacks and hand them to the cashier.” 

Look into the eyes of a cashier the next time you see this happen. They rather have two bricks smashed up against their skull than someone handing them a bunch of mis-shaped sacks from multi-stores. They struggle with them and begin loading groceries. They don’t hold much and you have to use twice as many.

Now what’s that mean to me? I tell you, I’m the guy behind you that has to wait until all of the sacks are separated and stuffed, which takes twice as long as shoving them into the recycled plastic bags in the first place.

If you really think your helping the environment buy using these reusable sacks, you’re kidding yourself. If it makes you feel good about yourself well then have at it. But the truth is your doing nothing but putting more money on the bottom line for your favorite grocer. Oh, and pissing off the people behind you.

So load your Prius up with your reusable sacks and have a nice day.

I think if this trend continues the grocery stores should have a separate check out lane for those who deem it necessary to purchase these sacks. Let’s call it the ....GREEN EXPRESS LANE..... Maybe then you’ll realize how long it takes to fill those sacks and be on your way. I will proudly remain in the plastic or paper lane waiting my turn to check out.