A writer interprets life differently than others.  They write life the way they think it should be or the way they would like it to be. That’s why a successful romance novelist could really be an introvert rarely going out, never engaging in a meaningful relationship and always keeping people at a distance. Or, they could simply be in what is considered a normal family environment but the people around them considered them cold and distant. A horror or mystery writer may very well be the opposite of whom they portray in their novels.

When a writer taps into their creative brain the content that appears on the page is filtered and influenced by every emotion and memory collected during their lifetime. Sometimes this may result in false truths and enhanced story lines. The end result is always a true reflection of the author’s aspirations. It doesn’t matter if the guy gets the girl or the serial killer escapes, those facts can be change depending on how the writer feels the story should unfold always relying on how they perceive the characters life and how they want that life perceived. 
Some write to log events in their lives and rely on their memory to illustrate – to the best of their knowledge and what actual occurred. Many write for the therapeutic aspect of it. Getting something on paper separates a person from a situation or circumstance and often helps that person cope with the event or situation in a better realm.

There are some who write to shock and intrude on old relationships or adversaries possibly attempting to correct things that can’t be corrected. And then there are some that simply want to make amends of an unfavorable moment from the past. Ultimately trying to make sense out of an unfortunate event and make peace with those that were affected.

There are authors and then there are writers. In most cases they’re interchangeable. An author of fiction or non-fiction once in front of their computer creates content solely for the purpose of enticing a reader to be interested enough to read what they wrote. Hopefully tempting the reader to think and imagine beyond their normal world.

A writer tries to tempt the reader as well. A writer’s content can be influenced by facts and situations from their personal lives usually delivered in a way that can easily illustrate a moment in time. However a writer is still a slave to his or her own beliefs and desires. And they still want to portray life as they see it or how they would like it to be seen, hence, the blog.

Everything that is written in a blog  may or may not be 100% accurate. It is up to the reader to decide whether or not they agree or disagree with the content.
The reader’s job is to first acknowledge the fact that reading blogs or notes on the internet is purely is by choice. If a writer or author feels the need to express him or herself on a topic whether it is political—factual—or just plan opinion the reader should never feel the content is bordering on malice or personally condemning to them because they don’t share the same opinion. It’s a Blog!

Writers take privilege on what they say and how they say it. It’s OK to agree or disagree that’s why most Blogs allow comments. As long as no one is personally attacked by name or circumstance no matter how the content reflects similar events from ones past it is still just a blog.

Speaking for myself, I write for many reasons and my writing comes from things that have influenced my life and the people in it. I try not to get too detailed in order to keep the persons or personalities from being exposed. I take my memories and use them to tack through life adjusting my course in the attempt to avoid future obstacles. I’m not always successful, especially when I look back and see I’ve thrown a wake on something or someone from the past.

I know it is impossible to change what has already happened but my readers can take solace in knowing that I’m not the rogue captain they may think I am. And I am able to make adjustments maybe not calming the seas on my bow but relying on my experiences and knowledge to ensure a safe passage toward the future. Hopefully one day leading me back to my home port of call, where ever that might be.