It’s apparently clear that if you’re over the age of 45 your chances of being hired in this economic environment are slim to none. No Human Resource Director wants to interview you. Why, your resume is in line with the job qualifications, you want them to call your previous employer for a reference and your average length of employment is 10 years. What’s the problem?

I tell you the problem, if you’re over 40 you’re probably married with children (which increases health cost). You resume parallels the qualifications for the position (which means you will probably step on some ones toes). You invite them to call your previous employer (which means you’ll probably get a great reference). Shortest stay at a job is 10 years (which means if you’re hired, the position won’t be vacant until you die or get promoted). This is not a recipe for job security for the Hiring Manager or HR person.

Why wouldn’t you fill open positions with experienced qualified older workers? “Because they might work out, be productive and never leave. “Oh my, what will you do if employee turnover comes to a screeching halt?”

Company owners take heed, if your Hiring Manager or HR person suggests installing a revolving door for your new employee’s entrance that’s a sign. If you’re Hiring Manager or HR person was filling open positions with hard working experience personnel that buy into what you’re doing, there would be no reason to install that revolving door.

Ah Ha! So why hire the young and inexperience, they probably won’t stay very long and someone will have to continue hiring and administer those stupid personalities’ tests. You know the ones that you’re Hiring Manger or HR person suggested you subscribed too. You remember, the tests that would weed out bad candidates and cut down on turnover ultimately building a stable team so your company could prosper.

Human Resource is a dreamed up position from the 80’s by someone that probably couldn’t get a real job. They convinced some business owner that their knowledge of labor law and unemployment claims would save them time and money. Ultimately a cost effective way to protect the business owner from law suits. But in most cases they are not lawyers but they can hire one, so could you. So why not do the hiring yourself, it’s your business why trust someone else to pick your winning team?

Don’t get me wrong, you need someone to weed through the piles of resumes but ask yourself this question why don’t you ever see a resume from someone over the age of 45. Then ask your HR person to give you statistics on employee turn over since they‘ve been employed.

If want to see someone puke up a little in their mouth you will.

If you want your business to succeed take a chance on an older applicant. Ask for the resumes that reflect candidates that remember phones with cords attached. You may be surprised and thankful for what you find.